Im Gay But No Homo
Im Gay But No Homo

Hey bros. My names Sam,I'm from London and I'm 16! One day I want to adopt a bunch of children from different countries. I would love to own my own nursery, that would be great. I'm too obsessed with comics and I'm as gay as a double rainbow. I think love is love no matter age, gender, race or religion. Feel free to talk to me, kik:sammypowerr twitter:sammypower3

Home Theme questions anyone?
Anonymous asked: Are you looking to be in a relationship? I wanna date you...


You make me feel so special

Anonymous asked: How did you tell your parents that you are gay?


Ahahahahahha…awkward story…they read my diary…I was 12 im sorry

Someone at school today called our group the ‘lgbtcrew’

Anonymous asked: Are you single? (Not trying to hit on you just wondering. You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable)


No it doesn’t make me uncomfortable x
And yes I am

Anonymous asked: Are you in a relationship with the one you want to spend your life with?



Anonymous asked: I think I'm falling for you and you can make me so happy for some weird reason and I can't explain why


That makes me extremely happy beautiful x

cilla-boo305 asked: I've been getting nothing but negative comments from my mom about my gf for the past 2months what should I say or do like do I defend her or ignore my mom???


I wouldn’t ignore your mum, but do defend your girlfriend

Anonymous asked: Its been 2 going on 3 months that my dad stopped talking to my because I'm gay should I talk to him or leave it alon?????


Hun, if he’s not putting in the effort then neither should you.
But this being said, you could also rise above him and talk to him because you’re better than he is x
It’s your choice :)

Anonymous asked: Is there a girl you met that you'd happily spend the rest of your life with?



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