Im Gay But No Homo
Im Gay But No Homo

Hey bros. My names Sam,I'm from London and I'm 16! One day I want to adopt a bunch of children from different countries. I would love to own my own nursery, that would be great. I'm too obsessed with comics and I'm as gay as a double rainbow. I think love is love no matter age, gender, race or religion. Feel free to talk to me, kik:sammypowerr twitter:sammypower3

Home Theme questions anyone?


Remember guys if you see the account “insanebows” following you….ITS ME!

Anonymous asked: Love Shane but like Carmen thou


Aha true

Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?


You guys are actually great
I only started it this year :O
*holy shit awesome applause for all you guys*


60% of straight women say they would never date a bisexual. 50% of straight men say they would never date a bisexual. 40% of gay men and lesbians say they would never date a bisexual. Bisexuals are obviously just greedy. They’re just bisexual so they can sleep with fewer people and lose opportunities for relationships based solely on their sexual orientation. 

this is important 

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just me thinking - homoflexible

I call myself a lesbian but sometimes there are guys I know I would date given the opportunity.

Oh I know! I’m homoflexible!!

Anonymous asked: My gf is graduating this year and going to collage I trust her with all of mii do u think we will make it???


Sure you will:)

Anonymous asked: Would you date a monogamous, bisexual girl?


What’s monogamous?
I have a rough idea but if someone would be kind enough to explain
Thank you my lovelies

Anonymous asked: Hey my dear homiesexual! ;) how are you doing?


I’m cool how about you fellow homiesexual

Instead of ‘gay friends’ let’s call each other ‘homiesexuals’

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