Im Gay But No Homo
Im Gay But No Homo

Hey bros. My names Sam,I'm from London and I'm 16! One day I want to adopt a bunch of children from different countries. I would love to own my own nursery, that would be great. I'm too obsessed with comics and I'm as gay as a double rainbow. I think love is love no matter age, gender, race or religion. Feel free to talk to me, kik:sammypowerr twitter:sammypower3

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m3rmaiddd asked: to the anon who said today was their suicide date, you have so many supporters ready to talk or even just listen to you. I'm here. Message me beautiful.



Anonymous asked: hi, I have a suicide date set for today.. I'm giving up. I can't turn to parents or friends. I just wanted someone to know before I did it. it's hard living a fake. it's hard knowing I can't be accepted for myself. thanks.


Hey beautiful,
Please don’t kill yourself
There is so much you haven’t done and one day you’ll realise why you kept yourself alive so long
I hope you see this before then because even though I don’t know you I’ll miss you
If you need to talk, feel free because you deserve to be alivex

Anonymous asked: Do you have kik



Anonymous asked: Can you like be my girlfriend already ?



Anonymous asked: You are everything I would want in a girlfriend, wow


I’m not that great

conceitedvanity-deactivated2014 asked: Is London pretty?


In some places Ye
Obviously some areas aren’t, but other than that I love it

piccolixsempre asked: can i write to you???


Of course:’)

Anonymous asked: I'm here to love you sweetie :*


Thank you:*

Anonymous asked: How long you've been on tumblr?


Erm, I’ve had this account since around Christmas?
But I’ve had tumblr for about a year:)

Anonymous asked: Oh dear what broke your heart xx


Lots of things beautifulx

Do you ever see something that just breaks your heart?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been to Ireland?:)


Ye but when I was really little, I’m part Irish though so:)

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