Im Gay But No Homo
Im Gay But No Homo

Hey bros. My names Sam,I'm from London and I'm 16! One day I want to adopt a bunch of children from different countries. I would love to own my own nursery, that would be great. I'm too obsessed with comics and I'm as gay as a double rainbow. I think love is love no matter age, gender, race or religion. Feel free to talk to me, kik:sammypowerr twitter:sammypower3

Home Theme questions anyone?
Anonymous asked: Your in love?


I suppose you could say that, I might as well not be though

Anonymous asked: Were you in love with any of your ex's?


I am

sonickmn asked: I'm a 13 year old bisexual guy, who only just came out and found out about a month ago. I found this and I thought it might help me. Got any advice? =)


Sexuality is fluid, just go with the flow

Anonymous asked: You are the girl of my dreams ♡ I cannot get over how amazing and beautiful you are. I just want you to know that I hope you are able to find someone who treats you with nothing but kindness and love and respect because you deserve the best xx


Thank you:*

Anonymous asked: Hey I love your blog. Was it easy coming out to your friends and that?


Aha no it wasn’t. I mean it did get easier. The first few were really hard, but then my group of friends last year were easy to tell, it just kind of happened (telling them) and it wasn’t a big deal.
But I mean it’s different for everyone

Anonymous asked: Can i ask you something



Anonymous asked: I'm in a relationship with a girl and she has many problems, self harm, suicidal, depression etc. I love her to pieces but sometimes it's too hard to manage. she's got really bad and I'm having no time for anything or anyone else, I'm losing friends and my family have distanced but they dont understand what's wrong with my girlfriend because I'm too scared they will make me break up with her. I'm 15 going back to school and I need to focus but I can't do that....


That’s a difficult situation. You can’t let yourself be distanced from your family and friends because they’re people who love you.
What do you think would happen if you broke up with this girl?
The thing is, as hard as it is, sometimes you need to put yourself first. If being with this person makes your life worse and makes you loose your friends and family and may effect your future you might want to think about your choices.
As hard as it is, and as selfish as some people may think it is, you can’t help other people if you have problems of your own.

Anonymous asked: Hi, it's the girl who told you that my mum would disown me if I got a gf.. My BFF and I just had a sleep over, and when she left she yelled at me because when we were asleep were apparently sleeping too close.. And now she won't stop yelling at me... I feel like running away :'( I feel like shit...


Too close? That’s so stupid I literally lay over my friends.
Just let her know that you didn’t mean it funny and you were just acting how you normally would because you didn’t think it would change anything.
But if she’s making you feel like shit then you need better friends. Feel free to talk to mexx

Anonymous asked: Can I have your snapchat and kik? :-)


Snapchat and kik: sammypowerr

Anonymous asked: Wats ur gf name?


I don’t have a girlfriend

sicklyunsatisfied asked: Hey have you got snapchat? x


i just made one^_^ its sammypowerr
(anyone can add me!)

Anonymous asked: Would you date someone over weight?


of course

kirstysnotebook asked: Your Kik doesn't exist BTW, I just tried to add it haha. :)


it does^_^

Just remember guys, you worked hard for these so whatever you get is amazing!
Love you all!

Getting my GCSE results at 10. I’m so nervous I can’t breathe properly:/

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